Astrophytum capricorne var. niveum


Astrophytum capricorne Niveum is given the name for it’s snowflake-like spots. They begin as globe-shaped specimens, then slowly over time mature to a columnar from reaching up to 50cm in height. Their spines are long, chalky gray that curve inwards.

This Astrophytum is native to Mexico and are commonly called “Star Cactus” due to their star-shaped structure when viewed from above. While some have spines, others have unique white flecking (an adaptation to protect them from the sun). When provided enough sunlight and proper care, they produce beautiful yellow flowers with bright orange/red centers. 

Like most cacti, they are slow growing and prefer bright, direct sunlight (6+ hours daily) and watering only when soil is completely dry. Pot in a well-draining cactus/succulent soil mix.