Alocasia ‘Ninja’


Alocasia reginula ‘Ninja’ is a miniature, moody Alocasia bringing all the drama with its soft, velvety looking leaves, white veins, and nearly black color. Despite Alocasia being a bit on the dramatic side of plant care, these little minis are a fun opportunity to delve into the genus without a crazy price point!

Native to rainforests in Asia, Ninja enjoy bright, indirect light and evenly moist soil, allowing only a slight dry-out period between watering. Despite the craving for moisture, they thrive best in a soil that can breathe and drain freely. So, a chunky, “Aroid soil” blend works well, allowing you to water without the worry of soil moisture hanging around longer than desired.

Humidity is the other factor that really makes these tropical heart-throbs thrive. Placing near other plants, in a humidity case, or around a humidifier will do wonders in the winter months when air is dry. 65% humidity is the goal with temperatures between 70-80 degrees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Alocasia are very attractive to spider mites and do best when monitored regularly. This makes this plant a buddy you can really get up close and personal with, checking over and spending some real quality time together on the regular. Xoxo