Cassville Roots “Staging/Specimen” Pot


These “Staging Pots” are handmade and designed by Tim with Cassville Roots, based out of Cassville, IL. 

They are called “Staging Pots” because they are designed and intended to compliment, mimic, or resemble a specimen’s natural environment. They are often potted and finished with a rocky substrate, added rocks, and natural items. 

Each pot comes with drainage holes, is glazed but not sealed. They can be washed lightly with soap, water, and a toothbrush. 

Since each piece is so completely unique we do not provide pictures of each individual pot that Tim brings in. We have assortments to choose from in the shop that change frequently. Sizes are a general estimation, based on the opening of the pot so you can plan which specimen will fit. The exterior side and shape of each pot varies.