Full Spectrum LED Light


[Multiple Purpose] This lamp is ideal to illuminate a nano aquarium, fish tanks, indoor potted plants, succulent terrariums, Wabi Kusa, an aquatic terrarium, an underwater terrarium, a miniature or a bonsai terrarium. [Full Spectrum] This is an aquarium light for plants. The full Spectrum LED is designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight to help your plants grow healthier and make plants look vivid. [Bamboo Board] It features hard texture, water-proof, strong temperature insulation, no deformation and anti-insect. [360 Degree Swivel]This aquarium led light's lamp head is 360 Degree adjustable to meet your need. Each lamp bead is equipped with a lens that designs to effectively increase the width and depth of the illumination without causing waste of light. [100-240V] Color temperature of this lamp is 6000K.