Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium lamerei)


Not a PALM or a CACTUS, this spiney, leafy succulent is native to Madagascar and photosynthesizes primarily through its barrel-like trunk! These rather fast growing plants can reach up to 20’ feet tall with age! It is normal for the leaves to fall off in the winter months, re-leafing out in the spring/summer months.

To keep happy and healthy, they prefer bright, direct light and warmth. Place in SOUTH-facing windows for best lighting. Water only when the soil is dry and decrease watering during the cooler winter months. If all leaves fall off, stop watering and wait until spring. 


-We DO NOT ship internationally, United States ONLY

-We only ship when our local temperatures are between 30-85 degrees Fahrenheit. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL TEMPS BEFORE ORDERING. We will provide a 72 hour heat pack for temps below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

-If your order is placed when temps are outside of our preferred window, we will hold your plant until we can ship your plant safely.

-WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. Blemishes and leaf damage is part of the risk taken when shipping a tropical plant. We take great care in packaging to prevent damage from occurring.

Our plants are pest-free to the best of our knowledge. All plants are treated preventatively with Bonide Horticultural Dormancy Oil for spider mites, mealy bug, and thrips. In addition, our plants may also be preventatively treated with Bonide Systemic granules for mealy bug, scale, thrips, and fungus gnats.

*WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. Please quarantine your new plants as you would any other plant purchase prior to introducing into your collection.