Natural Houseplant Insecticide


Designed by fellow Iowa State University student and houseplant enthusiast, Perfect Plantista’s Houseplant Insecticide is promised to get rid of your houseplant pests for Happier, Healthier Houseplants while remaining non-toxic, naturally-based, safe, easy to use, effective, and smelling good. 8 oz. Of spray-able, natural, pest management. 

Composed of three simple and high quality ingredients: 

Neem Oil

“Neem oil is the golden standard in houseplant care as it’s non-toxic, natural, and is effective in killing and preventing pests. The caveat? Neem oil’s smell is very, very potent and is politely described as herbaceous. And trust me, you don’t get used to the funk- even after making several thousand bottles of Perfect Plantista’s Houseplant Insecticide!”

Peppermint Oil

‘Peppermint oil is somewhat known for its ability to repel insects such as fungus gnats, spiders, and beetles. Bonus: it smells great.”

Cinnamon Bark Oil

“Cinnamon oil is a mix of neem oil and peppermint oil’s best traits, with the ability to kill pests on contact and repel them- all while smelling like Christmas. Or Fireball. Feel free to agree with whichever demographic you prefer.”