WORKSHOP: Cycad 101 Mini Course


Cycad 101 Mini Course

With Guest Chicago-Native Instructor: Emmanuel “Manny”

Sunday, March 26th 10:30am (before our plant swap!!)

Dimensional Brewing Company: 67 Main Street, Dubuque, Iowa


Cycads and their care inside a midwest home! We will be covering the different genera and habitats related to this family. They have been around for a long time and humans have interacted with them for a few thousand years.

In this little class, we will go over how I care for these plants, from soil to fertilizer and sun! Your $10 class fee covers a Cycad beginner book you get to take with you!! 

Manny will also be bringing some specimens to sell!!! 

About our instructor: 

Manny is a Chicago native plant parent. “One day I bought a sago palm and wanted more. I found a video by Summer Rayne Oaks where she toured the cycad collection at Nong Nooch garden in Thailand and that's where I became hooked. Since then my goal has been to live inside a cycad jungle.”