Hoya carnosa ‘Krinkle 8’ (Pet Friendly)


Hoya krinkle 8 is a cross between Hoya ‘Chelsea’ and Hoya carnosa compact, giving it a super puckered and fun leaf appearance and texture. Glossy green leaves, and light pink, star-shaped flowers with a deep pink center.

This is a great specimen for either climbing or cascading, hoyas are a vining plant that climb on trees in nature.

Hoya grow best in bright, indirect light. Water only when the soil is completely dry as hoyas prefer a good wet/dry cycle and do not like being consistently moist. Hoyas also prefer to be “pot-bound” so only repot when necessary and pot in a tight pot, only slightly large in size to the one it is currently in. Plant in well-draining potting soil with added perlite and bark for good drainage. 

BONUS: Hoyas are pet friendly!