Laura Klavitter, owner of Planted.

Est. 2019

People LOVE houseplants but don’t always know how to keep them healthy and happy. So in 2019, we launched Planted. because we believe EVERYONE can grow plants with a little help!

Planted. is a novelty plant shop in Dubuque, Iowa that specializes in funky, easy-to-grow houseplants, potting services, and consultations and plant care for homes and professionals. We also offer one-of-a-kind handmade pottery pieces and plant-themed products crafted by local and regional artists.  

Here at Planted, we are the "Plant Matchmakers"! Helping to build happy relationships between plants and people. Our approach is SIMPLE. We focus on matching plants to each individual's personality, lifestyle, and space. We also offer a safe space to ask questions and get advise, so EVERYONE can become plant "experts". 

We believe plants are a way to build relationships and stay connected.  We want to help bridge this connection, Planted. firmly in Dubuque, Iowa. 


Owner of Planted., Laura Klavitter

Founder/Plant Matchmaker: Laura Klavitter

Laura LOVES houseplants and tropicals! 

Laura has a Horticulture Degree from Iowa State University with over ten years of experience growing, teaching, tending, and admiring tropical plants, growing food, and teaching people about plants. AND! She has a real passion for building community around plants.

Her second love to plants, aside from her two "main squeezes" (one being her Bully dog Casanova) is traveling to see plants! Laura has played with plants on a volunteer and employment basis in Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Central America.