Aglaonema ‘Lumina’


Aglaonema ‘Lumina’ has vivid white speckling amidst bold green colored leaves, making it’s pattern and personality stand out from the rest.

Aglaonema grow best in bright, indirect light but can tolerate less light. Allow soils to dry for short periods of time between watering and pot in a well-draining potting substrate. 


-We DO NOT plants larger than 6” pot size, so this plant is NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING.

Our plants are pest-free to the best of our knowledge. All plants are treated preventatively with Bonide Horticultural Dormancy Oil for spider mites, mealy bug, and thrips. In addition, our plants may also be preventatively treated with Bonide Systemic granules for mealy bug, scale, thrips, and fungus gnats.

*WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. Please quarantine your new plants as you would any other plant purchase prior to introducing into your collection.