Houseplant Tap Water Conditioner


Houseplant Tap Water Conditioner

- Remove Chlorine, Chloramine Heavy Metals

- Hydroponic Setup Irrigation Safe Houseplants Watering

- Improve Plant Soil Ability Grow Healthier

- 16 Oz Houseplant Tap Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for houseplants. Remove Chlorine, hydroponic setup, chloramine, and irrigation. While using our houseplant tap water conditioner, you may notice plants growing taller and more robust. This is because this Tap Water conditioner allows chlorine to dissipate before hitting the soil’s ecology.

• IMPROVE GROWING ABILITY: Our Water Conditioner balances the conditions in water that will significantly improve your plant's ability to grow healthier, more productive plants.

• PLANTS SOLUTION: Many cities treat their tap water, which may include chlorine, chlorides, chloramines, and other ingredients

• ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: It removes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals from plants.