We evaluate all pre-order XL pots at the beginning of each month to plan a delivery. We DO NOT always have these pots in stock, and will be specifically ordering directly from the company on your behalf. 

Due to the size of these pots, we have selected Fiberglass as our material of choice for its durability and lightweight nature. EXCEPT the Slate Gray color option, which is made of durable, high quality, double-walled plastic. 

Other materials we can explore are:

  • Fiberstone (More weathered/natural in appearance, higher priced, and much heavier in weight) Great for outdoor use, UV and weather resistant
  • Fiber Cement (similar to Fiberstone) less options for colors and shapes

Sizing your pot: 

Ideally, you want increase your pot size several inches larger from the pot your plant currently resides in. So, if you have a 14” potted plant now, you would be looking at a 16” size to plant into. Should your plant be extremely root-bound, you may consider an even larger size. Need help deciding?? We are here for you. Just ask. :) 


This item is not available for shipping, so sorry!