Syngonium Aurea

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Syngonium aurea differs from Syngonium albo in that it has cream/yellow variegation rather than white. Each leaf is uniquely different.

Our Syngonium aurea were propagated in August. They are rooted in a well-draining aroid potting soil in a 3-4” clear nursery pot, acclimated, and ready to grow in a home environment.

If you select “Propagation A”, you will receive the exact plant in the picture assigned to that option (photo updated 10/6/22) If you select “Grower’s Choice”, you will receive a plant similar to the one in the image. If purchased, we will send an updated picture of the plant prior to shipping to note quality and any additional growth. 

Syngonium grow best in bright, indirect light. Plant in a well-draining potting soil and allow soil to dry between watering. A support pole or structure is advised, as this is a climbing, vining plant that naturally grows up trees in nature.