Looking for something to do with friends, family, co-workers, or a group? We offer several planty options to get your hands in the dirt!

All you need to do is get together 5-10 people, pick from the following options, then email us to schedule!

Potting Party & Plant Parent 101

Learn Plant 101 Basics including light, watering, soils, and proper potting technique in this 1 hour + class. Each participant picks out their own plant and pot from our shop (with guidance), we discuss each plant selected, then pot everything up together! Take home a potted plant!

Cost: Based on price of the plant and pot selected + a minimum $5 potting fee.

Working with a budget? We are happy to curate a selection of plants and pots for $35/person. 


Tiny Succulent Potting Party

Learn all about caring for succulents and cacti while choosing from our diverse collection of tiny succulents and pots in this 45 minute class. Includes 1 potted succulent to take home.

Cost: $25/person



Kokedama & Plant Mount Class

Create a beautiful, living work of art while learning the methodologies of Kokedama, an artful, Japanese style of planting that involves wrapping a plant’s root ball in a substrate, surrounded by moss and displayed on a dish or suspended by wire.

In this class, you will learn how to wrap a kokedama ball, mix substrates, and wire wrap for display. Your Kokedama may be a stand-alone specimen or you may choose to incorporate drift wood and other natural objects.

Includes a finished kokedama piece to take home from a curated selection of plants we provide. Orchids available on request.

Cost: $45/person



Tiny Terrarium Class

This 1 hour plant hobbyist course will cover how to build a beginner terrarium decorated with plants that thrive in humid environments, drift wood, and other natural objects! Learn about drainage layers and care for a tiny ecosystem.

Cost: $35/person


Moss Pole DIY Class

Have a lot of vining, climbing plants and want to help them live their best lives? Most Aroids grow and climb up trees and other structures in nature. If the plant feels anchored and supported, this allows them to invest in larger, more robust and often produce those fenestrated leaves (leaves with holes like Monstera) we all adore.

In this 1 hour class you will build your own moss pole to take home! Learn about watering techniques to help your plant anchor effectively.

Cost: $25/person


Plant Propagation 101 Class

Propagating plants is a fun way to learn how plants grow and make more plants to share with others or personally hoard as part of your growing collection! In this 1 hour + class, we navigate propagation techniques including:

-Cuttings, Divisions, Air Layering, Micropropagation

-Substrates (Water vs. Perlite vs. Moss)

-Heating Mats, Rooting Hormones, and other steps that can aid in your success

Bring a plant you wish to propagate from AND learn through hands-on practice, how to propagate some common houseplants!

Cost: $35/person


Just want a planty space to have a good time? We’ve got you covered! 

Our space comfortably holds 12 people, sitting at tables. Food and beverages welcome. If you would like other arrangements/layout options let us know, we might be able to accommodate a larger group.

We have hosted birthday parties, game nights, baby showers, and office team-building parties in our space! Simply, send us an email with your details, and we can begin the party planning with YOU!