Lammas Premium Incense


Rich and royal as a mountain lush with sun, Lammas welcomes the year's first harvest with a boon of dewey flowers and sweetened woods. Like a garden ripened with months of tending and growth, this blend offers nourishment and repletion. Regale yourself and feast upon the summer's bounty! A lovingly uplifting blend of sandalwood, rose & frankincense. Ingredients: essential oil blend (benzoin [Styrax benzoin], bergamont [Citrus bergamia], frankincense [Boswellia sacra], rose [Rosa rubiginosa], rosemary [Rosemarnius officinalis], sandalwood [Santalum album]), charcoal, tree resin, bamboo stick, paint (mineral pigments, natural resins) Aroma Profile: Refreshingly elegant, rich, floral Associations: Earth (Element), The Sun (Tarot), Jera Year (harvest, patience, change, time) Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Taurus Packaging: This incense is wrapped with compostable cellophane and set within a recyclable paper package.