Macodes & Jewel Orchids (Pet Friendly)

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Jewel and Macodes are considered “terrestrial” orchids, meaning unlike other orchids, they dwell on the ground rather than in trees. 

Another distinction is their unique, almost electrifying foliage appearance. These plants are collected for their foliage, making them a statement piece all year long. Their blooms are a soft white and form on tall clusters.  

Colors range anywhere from deep, moody maroons, to lively green with neon vein and leaf patterns. 

These can be grown as houseplants, but do best with higher humidity and warm, stable temperatures that can be achieved best in a terrarium environment! 

Grow in dappled, bright indirect sunlight (similar to a forest floor). The brighter the diffused light, the more vibrant the foliage will be. Avoid direct sunlight, this can scorch the leaves.

They require good air flow and a consistently moist soil, with adequate root aeration. Substrates with high moisture retention, combined with good aeration and drainage is key. Consider mixing potting soil with additional orchid bark and perlite.