Philodendron hastatum 'Silver Sword'


Silver Sword (Philodendron hestatum) is definitely high up there on my list of favorites for a few reasons!

  1. That color! Dreamy steel blue, dare I say “steels” my heart? (Sorry)
  2. Like many other philodendrons, this baby is relatively easy to grow!
  3. It’s hemiepiphytic! What does that mean?? It starts its journey on the ground, then begins to climb up trees to get more sunlight. So, provide it a bamboo stake or moss pole and let it go nuts!

Native to Brazilian jungles, this exotic aroid enjoys bright, indirect light and humidity levels between 50-80%. Pot up in a well-draining soil and water whenever the top 2 inches begin to feel dry. Like many plants, avoid overwatering.

Light: Eastern windows are great! Otherwise, a distance from a Southern or Western window, or nestled in among plant buddies (which also helps with humidity).

Like all other philodendrons, this is NOT pet-friendly and should be placed in a spot that will not put your furry friends in a tempting situation to take a nibble.